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CCMTA - September 2016

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The CCMTA e-newsletter is an online publication containing information on priorities, programs, upcoming events, and other relevant news affecting the CCMTA community. 

CCMTA Chair Steve Loutitt begins his term


A member of the Board of CCMTA since 2013, Steve Loutitt, Registrar of Motor Vehicles and Director of Road Licensing and Safety for the Northwest Territories Department of Transportation, assumed the duties of Chair of CCMTA on June 22, 2016.  The proud northerner has called Yellowknife home for his entire life.

Accountable to the NWT Deputy Minister of the Department of Transportation, Steve is responsible for the department’s interests in driver and vehicle licensing, transport compliance (highway patrol) and policy related to the Motor Vehicles Act and associated Acts and Regulations.

“As a northerner, I know I bring a different perspective to the CCMTA, and one that I hope will benefit my colleagues and all members.  And, as someone who hails from a smaller jurisdiction, I appreciate the shared learning opportunity made possible through CCMTA,” says Steve.  “I look forward to supporting the work of the CCMTA during my term.”

Steve has been employed by the Department of Transportation since July 1995 when the Yellowknife Airport transferred to the Government of the Northwest Territories from Transport Canada. Prior to assuming his current position, Steve spent eight years with Transport Canada.  When not at the office, you can find Steve outdoors. He enjoys hunting and fishing, or simply spending time on the lake with family and friends.  Steve is married to Liz, and they have three children, Drew, Ellie and Emi.

Please mark your calendar for these Fall events

CCMTA Program Committee Meetings
October 24-25, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario

CCMTA Fall Board Meeting
November 28-30, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario
(by invitation only)

National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims
November 16, 2016

In Memoriam

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It is with profound sadness that we report the news of Sean McAlister's passing on August 20 after a courageous 15-month battle with lung cancer.

A longtime member of CCMTA and former employee, Sean was a champion of road safety and deeply committed to the work associated with the transportation sector and the relationships he built through his career. Many of us had the opportunity to work with Sean, and saw first-hand his encyclopedic knowledge, his quick wit, his passion and his engagement.  His expertise and accomplishments in transportation safety were well regarded in both Canada and in the US, where he was also active with CVSA for many years.  He was a true gentleman and a go-to man for so many across the country.

Sean is survived by his beloved wife, Beverley Spencer.  He will be missed.

Carrier Program Modernization in Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is modernizing one of the largest licensing and registration systems in North America. In the first phase of this multi-year modernization effort, a new IT system is being implemented for the ministry’s licensing and registration program for carriers that will enhance and streamline processes and make services more efficient and accessible.

The ministry is working with Infosys Public Services to design and build the new Registration and Licensing System of Ontario (RLSO) using a suite of Oracle software products. The new system is being implemented through a series of releases. RLSO was launched in September 2015 and established a modernized system for the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station program. The second and largest release was implemented on March 29, 2016. It focuses on carrier registration, carrier performance monitoring and carrier information products. The third release was implemented on June 13, 2016 and integrates the facility audit service into RLSO to facilitate enhanced administration of the program. More than 80% of the total business functionality for the carrier program is now available within the system. RLSO will continue to expand in future releases.

Ontario’s modernization program is replacing legacy systems with modern technology and moving service delivery from intensive paper-based, data entry processes to a modern, digital, case management solution for carrier licensing and registration business.

  • Highlights of some of the changes being implemented:
  • data from multiple carrier databases are integrated into a single “client” record
  • a new document management system to enable the electronic capture, storage and retrieval of documents
  • a knowledge management repository to provide an online, centralized repository of knowledge content like policy and procedure information
  • updated “smart” forms
  • automation of workflows to improve processing

Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) certificates now include an expiry date. The new certificates are being phased in as operators renew their CVOR Certificates over the next two years
carrier abstracts will have changes to the look and feel but information will remain the same

If you have questions about Ontario’s modernization program, please email us at