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Hours of Service

Hours of Service Provincial Alternatives - Request Process - May 2008

A number of jurisdictions as well as the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) have had to deal with applications for partial or total exemption from the hours of service (HoS) regulations.

Where a situation involves extraprovincial transportation, requests for relief are to be addressed to Transport Canada, the department responsible for their analysis.

Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations - CCMTA Application Guide - January 2007

CCMTA's three-pronged Driver Operating Window Impact Analysis (request for stakeholder input; driver focus groups; expert fatigue panel review) has shown a strong consensus across stakeholder groups in favour of the 16-hour driver working window option, and confirmed the CRA Committee's original contention that an 18-hour window is not sustainable from a safety perspective. (Please see Shercon Associates report.) The Council of Deputy Ministers has therefore directed CCMTA to proceed without delay with the implementation of the proposed HoS regulations, including the 16-hour working window provision as originally intended. However, while the new regulation is viewed as a significant improvement over the current regime, the expert panel also voiced some reservations in regards to the 16-hour window. As such, the CCMTA Board has recommended further ongoing review into the potential fatigue issues associated with the working window concept.

Report on Results of Expert Panel Deliberations - November 2004

Report on Results of Expert Panel Deliberations concerning the Proposed Increased in the Working Window of Elapse Time from 16 Hours to 18 Hours

Environics Hours of Service Focus Group Research - November 2004

The primary purpose of the focus group sessions was to get input from drivers on the hours of service options under consideration (i.e., the 16-hour window of lapsed time and the 18-hour window of elapsed time).