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Who we are and what we do

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) coordinates all matters dealing with the administration, regulation and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. Membership includes representation from provincial and territorial governments as well as the federal government of Canada.

CCMTA supports its members' vision to have the safest and most efficient movement of people and goods by road in the world. We are the custodians of the National Safety Code, and we provide collaborative leadership in the areas of Road Safety Research and Policy, Drivers and Vehicles and Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.


To have the safest and most efficient movement of people and goods by road in the world. 


To provide collaborative leadership in addressing Canadian road safety priorities.


The origins of the CCMTA can be traced back to 1940, when the four Western provinces met to consider issues of common interest relating to road transport. In the early fifties, the group was joined by Ontario and the Yukon Territory. The Canada-wide expansion of the organization took place in 1956, some two years after the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act by Parliament, in response to an already felt need for uniformity due to increasing movement and traffic.

In 1975 a constitution was signed by representatives of all provinces and territories and a small permanent Secretariat was established. The federal government has participated as a full member of CCMTA since 1977. The organization was incorporated in 1987 under its present name and constitution. CCMTA commemorated its 75th anniversary in 2015.

CCMTA Members are elected from provincial, territorial and federal governments. CCMTA has a responsibility to be accountable to:

  • the Council of Deputy Ministers and Ministers for:
    • providing advice and making recommendations on matters relating to transportation and highway safety
  • the provinces, territories and the federal government for:
    • promoting a better understanding and cooperation in all matters related to transportation and highway safety among each other, as well as other organizations where there exists a mutual interest
  • its stakeholders for:
    • maintaining an ongoing dialogue and consultation to ensure CCMTA is responsive and informative