Sean McAlister Service Recognition

Sean McAlister Service Recognition

In 2017, CCMTA dedicated its Recognition of Service presentation to Sean McAlister in his memory. Sean was well-known within the CCMTA community, having served as both staff and volunteer with CCMTA at various times throughout his career. Sean was a devoted employee of CCMTA in the late 1980s and 1990s, and then moved on to the BC provincial government in 2000 and maintained his relationship with CCMTA by serving as the BC member of the Drivers and Vehicles Program Committee. A respected authority within the compliance and regulatory sector as well, Sean’s consulting work post 2000 ensured he stayed connected with CCMTA and with the Program Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. Sean passed away on August 20, 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer.

The Sean McAlister Service Recognition honours:
  • an individual who has been an active member of the Board, program committee or project group for more than five years, upon their departure or retirement from a CCMTA volunteer position.
  • staff members upon completion of 15 and 25 years of service, and upon retirement.

Recipients are recognized throughout the year upon their departure or retirement. If appropriate, recipients may be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

CCMTA has honoured the following individuals so far since June 2021:
Valerie Todd, CCMTA

Val’s dedication to CCMTA has spanned 29 years. She joined CCMTA in 1993 where she took on a variety of roles, which included providing exceptional administrative support to the CCMTA staff and organizing CCMTA’s Annual Meeting. Val subsequently went on to become the Program Manager for the Road Safety Research and Policies (RSRP) Program Committee where she oversaw a number of projects, including the RSS 2015 and 2025. Looking for a new challenge, Val took on the position of Program Manager for the Drivers and Vehicles (D&V) Program Committee. In this role, Val led many projects including updating of National Safety Code (NSC) Standards, managing all the moving parts of the CDLA document, and leading the workgroup responsible for CCMTA’s publication of Canadian Jurisdictional Guidelines for the Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with Automated Driving Systems.  In April 2022, Val will embark on a well-deserved retirement. Her commitment to members and dedication to road safety are well-known both within the CCMTA and among external road safety partners. Not only will her departure leave a void in CCMTA knowledge and experience, but CCMTA staff and members will truly miss her sunny demeanor on a daily basis. We wish Val all the best as she begins this exciting new adventure. 

Harris Beaulieu, Northwest Territories

Harris has represented the Northwest Territories on CCMTA’s Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (CRA) Program Committee since the early 2000’s. During this time, Harris has contributed to Canada’s road safety through his participation on commercial vehicle related working groups dealing with hours of service, safety rating, cargo securement and many more. In April 2022, Harris will embark on a well-deserved retirement. CCMTA thanks Harris for his contributions and wishes him well in his retirement.

Andrew Spoerri, Transport Canada

Andrew has been an active participant on the Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (CRA) Program Committee since 2008, during which time he contributed to key files including leading the CCMTA Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Working Group. His knowledge, contributions, and leadership in this area has resulted in the publishing of CCMTA’s Technical Standard on ELDs - a significant accomplishment. Andrew was recognized by his peers when he was bestowed with CCMTA’s Jennie Howie Government Member Award in 2021. Andrew will embark on a well-deserved retirement in March 2022. CCMTA members wish him much joy and happiness in his retirement. 

Rick Vantour, CCMTA

February 24, 2022, marked 25 years of service at CCMTA for Rick Vantour.  That is a substantial commitment to CCMTA. Rick’s accomplishments over the years are numerous and he has played an instrumental role in the development and evolution of the Inter-Provincial Record Exchange (IRE). Prior to joining CCMTA in 1997 Rick worked for the province of Manitoba where he also played role in the motor vehicles space.  This jurisdictional knowledge has enabled Rick to better support the IRE network and all jurisdictions in his role with CCMTA. He is recognized for his commitment to members and to the broader road safety community.  Congratulations Rick! 

Laura Barkley-McKeeman, Ontario

Laura has been an active participant of CCMTA for many years. Throughout that time, her contributions to CCMTA and the broader road safety community have been significant. Members valued her expertise especially in fraud and document authentication.  Recently, Laura led the development of the Acceptable Verifiable Resource List (AVRL) evaluation and risk assessment tool to support the Canadian Driver Licence Agreement (CDLA) – an important national initiative affecting each jurisdiction. Laura is retiring in February 2022. Her ability and commitment to CCMTA will be greatly missed and we wish her much joy and happiness in her retirement. 

Tracy Bendera, Yukon

As an active participant in CCMTA activities for more than 8 years, Tracy has contributed to many key initiatives including but not limited to the work of the Canadian Driver Licence Agreement (CDLA), Commercial Truck Driver Entry Level Training (ELT) for Class 1 Drivers, and the Vehicle Strategy Overview Group (VSOG). Tracy also co-chaired and championed the work on modernizing NSC Standards 2-3-4. Tracy’s supportive and welcoming approach to the work of the committee, coupled with her responsiveness, and insight contributed to the successful completion of many important initiatives. In 2018, Tracy was recognized by her peers when she was bestowed with CCMTA’s Jennie Howie Government Member Award. Tracy will embark on a well-deserved retirement in December 2021. CCMTA members wish her much joy and happiness in her retirement.

Doug MacEwen, Prince Edward Island

As an active member of CCMTA working groups since the 2000’s, Doug became a member of the Compliance Regulatory Affairs (CRA) Committee representing Prince Edward Island from 2007 to 2014, during which time he worked on key files such as PMVI, Hours of Service, Cargo Securement, Safety Rating and Reciprocity Issues.  Doug chaired the CRA Committee from 2011 to 2013 and was the recipient of the Jennie Howie Government Member Award in 2014.

Doug joined the CCMTA Board of Directors in 2015, dedicating considerable time and experience as an ambassador and advocate for the important work of CCMTA. His work involved consultation, collaboration, and engagement at the Federal/ Provincial/Territorial table and with international partners in the US and Mexico.

Doug was Chair of the Board from 2019 to 2021 and has the distinction of being the first to hold two consecutive terms and host a virtual Annual Meeting due to the COVID-19 environment, rather than the planned location of his home province of Prince Edward Island.

In June 2021, Doug retired from his role as Registrar, Motor Vehicles, Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation, Infrastructure & Energy. While he will be missed in the road safety community, we wish him continued success in his retirement and future endeavours.

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