Distinguished Service Recognition

Distinguished Service Recognition

The Distinguished Service Recognition honours:
  • CCMTA government members who have completed their Chairpersonship term on the Board of Directors or on a Program Committee.
  • Recipient(s) may be recognized at the CCMTA Annual Meeting.
CCMTA has honoured the following individuals in 2021:
Doug MacEwen, Prince Edward Island

Doug was recognized for his extended chairpersonship of the Board of Directors (24 months).  Doug provided strategic guidance and support to the CCMTA Board of Directors and organization during a critical time.  His contributions and dedication to CCMTA members ensures CCMTA continued to achieve its road safety priorities.

Krista Cull, Newfoundland and Labrador

Krista was recognized for her chairpersonship of the Program Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. Krista represented CCMTA at many different partner tables and forums, including CVSA. CCMTA is appreciative of her leadership on the Electronic Logging Device file, revisions to NSC 9 on Hours of Service, and ensuring that essential commercial trucking activities and cross-border issues were addressed during the early days of COVID-19.

Gary Matson, Manitoba

Gary was recognized for his chairpersonship of the Program Committee on Drivers and Vehicles. His   leadership, knowledge, and collaboration on projects such as development of a new NSC Standard on ELTs for Class 1 Drivers, updates to NSC 6 on Determining Driver Fitness, and support to the CDLA ensured the Drivers & Vehicles Committee’s priorities contributed to road safety in Canada.

George Eguakun, Saskatchewan

George was recognized for his chairpersonship of the Program Committee on Road Safety Research and Policies (RSRP).  His contributions and guidance leading RSRP on priority road safety research issues including supporting discussions on cannabis legislation and its impact on road safety, monitoring road safety issues (distracted driving, speeding and alcohol impaired driving) as well as monitoring emerging road safety issues.

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  • 2019 - Steve Haywood (BC), Terry Wallace (AB), Elizabeth Beecroft (YT), Michael DeJong (TC)
  • 2018 - Lyne Vézina (QC)
  • 2017 - Steve Loutitt (NT), Kwei Quaye (SK), Wendy Doyle (AB), Reg Wightman (MB)
  • 2016 - Paul Arsenault, Peter Hurst (ON)
  • 2015 - Vern Janz (YT), Benoit Cayouette (QC), Denis Boissonault (AB), Sonny Senghera (ON)
  • 2014 - Paul Harbottle (ON), Rob Fleming (ON)
  • 2013 - Doug MacEwen (PE), Lyne Vézina (QC)
  • 2012 - Mark Francis (BC)
  • 2011 - Kent Speiran (NS), Peter Hurst (ON)