Road Safety Award

Road Safety Award

Created in support of Road Safety Strategy 2025: Towards Zero, the safest roads in the world, the Road Safety Award recognizes strategies aimed at reducing injury and death on Canada’s roads.

  • Candidates must be CCMTA members and associates in good standing, this  includes individuals, groups, departments, organizations, or work teams.
  • Activities/initiatives described must have occurred in one calendar year.
Nomination Requirements:
  • Submissions should describe road safety initiative with a maximum of 2000 words
  • Submissions should include illustrations and photos where appropriate
The road safety initiatives should:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.
  • Demonstrate a unique or creative attempt to advance road safety: Examples of this work may include public education aimed at deterring unsafe actions on the road, as well as marketing, promotion and legislative initiatives that enhance road safety.
  • Clearly illustrate the objectives of the initiative through relevant content, samples/illustrations, and any available results or evaluation measurements.
  • Support one or more of the Road Safety Strategy 2025 objectives of:
    • Raising public awareness and commitment to road safety
    • Improving communication, cooperation, and collaboration among stakeholders
    • Enhancing legislation and enforcement
    • Improving road safety information in support of research and evaluation
    • Improving the safety of vehicles and road infrastructure
    • Leveraging technology and innovation
  • Recipient(s) may be recognized at the CCMTA Annual Meeting.
  • Recipient(s) will be notified in advance.
  • Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the award recipient(s).

2019 Recipient

Manitoba Public Insurance
Save The 100 Campaign

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  • 2018 - Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) - People Shouldn’t Disappear Campaign