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Program Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

The Program Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for compliance activities related to commercial drivers and vehicles, transportation of dangerous goods and motor carrier operations.

Terms of reference (duties)

Next program committee meeting

CCMTA Annual Meeting
Monday, June 3 - Thursday, June 6, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario

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Photo taken in November 2018 - Back row: Reg Wightman, Manitoba; Andrew Cipywnyk, Saskatchewan; Harris Beaulieu, Northwest Territories; John Lunney, New Brunswick; Patrick Dowling, Prince Edward Island; Julius Debuschewitz, Yukon; Claude Sirois, Qubec; Andrew Spoerri, Transport Canada; Blaise Cameron, Nova Scotia. Front row: Steven Haywood, British Columbia; Ian Freeman, Ontario; Ron Foord, Saskatchewan; Robyn Cummings, CCMTA; Trudy Nastiuk, Alberta; Krista Cull, Newfoundland; Mark Schauerte, Transport Canada; François Fortin, Québec. Missing:  James Demcheson, Nunavut; Dave Henry, Québec; Lucie Paradis, Québec; Joel Turner, Nova Scotia.

Committee Membership

Trudy Nastiuk (Vice-Chair)
Executive Director
Safety and Compliance Services
Alberta Transportation

British Columbia
Steven Haywood (Chair)
Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement
British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Tim Brown
Motor Carrier Enforcement Programs
Manitoba Infrastructure

New Brunswick
John Lunney
Motor Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Section
Inspections and Enforcement Services
New Brunswick Department of Public Safety

Newfoundland and Labrador
Krista Cull
Manager, Transportation Regulation Enforcement
Service NL

Nova Scotia
Joel Turner
Regional Manager
Vehicle Compliance
Nova Scotia Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal

Northwest Territories
Harris Beaulieu
Deputy Registrar/Manager
Carrier & Inspection Programs
Northwest Territories Department of Infrastructure, Compliance and Licensing

James Demcheson
Motor Vehicle Safety & Inspections
Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation

Ian Freeman
Acting Director
Carrier Safety and Enforcement
Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Prince Edward Island
Pat Dowling
Motor Vehicle Inspection Officer
Department of Transportation, Infrastructure & Energy

François Fortin
Direction générale de l’expertise légale et de la sécurité des véhicules
Societé de l’assurance automobile du Québec

Claude Sirois
Direction générale de la sécurité et du camionnage
Ministère des Transports du Québec

Andrew Cipywnyk
Trucking Policy and Regulation
Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
Government of Saskatchewan

Ron Foord
Carrier & Vehicle Safety Services
Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Transports Canada
Mark Schauerte
Road Safety Directorate
Standards, Research & Development
Transport Canada

Julius Debuschewitz
Manager, Carrier Compliance
Yukon Department of Highways and Public Works

Robyn Cummings
Programs Manager